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Torch Fired Enameling

Friday, June 8, 2018
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Cost: $165.00

This class will teach you a fun, fast way to bring vibrant color to your jewelry. Learn how to choose your supplies, prepare your metal, create your designs, and fire multiple layers of glass enamel with a torch. Make several multiple charms that can be used as pendants or earrings, during class, and then with this technique, you can easily do more at home. Students will also learn how to draw designs in enamel with the sgraffito technique and how to use stencils, rubber stamps and decals to enahance their designs.

Why take this class?
Love color? Metal is beautiful but the palette is limited to silver, gold, copper, etc. Enameling opens a world of color and design: draw with glass on your metal. Also, since affordable copper can be used as a base under opaque enamels, you don't have the expense of precious metals, like silver. Enamel jewelry is a great way to express your unique designs. Combine it with basic jewelry skills, like sawing, filing and setting to make your own shapes, and to set your designs into beautiful frames. 

Techniques covered:
• torch fired enameling
• choosing enamels
• sifting enamel
• sgraffito 
• enameling with stencils
• using rubber stamps with enamels
• safety and set up
• using decals with enamels

Kit of materials, full color handout and use of tools included.


Open to Students of Any Level - beginners welcome!

Location: sjs

Instructor: Anat Silvera

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Torch Fired Enameling

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