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Jewelry 5-Day Intensive

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - Monday, April 24, 2017
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Cost: $745.00

What would you do if you could study jewelry for a week with no distractions? Focus on stone setting? Hone your skills with some projects you've been dreaming about? Here is your opportunity for that and more during our Jewelry Intensive. This open forum guided metalsmithing retreat gives students the chance to concentrate and develop their jewelry skills. 

Custom Instruction
Students in the jewelry intensive propose their own projects and techniques to focus on and receive customized demonstrations and assistance from the instructors. Plus, working side by side with other students, they get to watch other demonstrations and share ideas in an inspirational atmosphere of creativity and community. This makes for a crucible of learning that can take your jewelry skills to a new level. Not sure what you want to make? Your instructors are happy to propose projects based on your interests and skill levels.  

Students are recommended to focus on one or two techniques during the retreat for the best exploration, experimentation and results. Daily consultations and critiques help students to hold their work to high standards and to create quality, well-crafted jewelry.

How to Register:

Sign up now for your place in this jewelry intensive with the registration button on this page, or by phone. It is recommended that students apply in advance (minimum 2 weeks) so that instructors have time to contact them to discuss their goals and options for the retreat. Advanced registration is required to allow time to acquire the materials necessary to fabricate projects or practice techniques. 

Techniques available:
• Basic skills: soldering, filing, sawing, polishing
• Stone Setting: prongs (various), tube, flush, bezel
• Lost Wax Casting: casting, wax work, molds, figurative wax carving, stone setting in wax
• Torch Fired Enameling, including cloisonne
• Metalsmithing: raising, fold forming, rolling mill, casting ingots, hydraulic press
• Chasing and Repousse and more

This class is open to students of any level. For example, novices can take this course to receive customized instruction in the basics of jewelry, from sawing to soldering to simple stone setting. However, since they lack prior experience, their instruction in the basics is generally more structured to help them focus on learning new and unfamiliar techniques. Students with more prior experience have the opportunity to explore deeper and more creatively into jewelry fabrication skills and custom projects, in concert with their instructors.

Class includes:
Each student has a jewelry bench to use during class and tools to use to practice techniques shown. Additional tools and materials may be required and depend on the projects chosen by the student. Students can choose to work in base metals, like copper, brass and nickel; sterling or Argentium; or gold.




This course is open to all levels, but prior experience with jewelry, like a 2 or more classes in Basic Jewelry and Stone Setting, is recommended. If you'd like to work on lost wax casting, it's recommend to have taken the Lost Wax Casting 1 class. 

Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley CA

Instructors: Anat Silvera or Joe Silvera

Upcoming Schedule
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Jewelry 5-Day Intensive

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