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Lost Wax Casting 1

Friday, September 30, 2011 - Sunday, October 2, 2011
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Cost: $445.00

Why learn lost wax casting? This is a great technique for making your own, custom parts for a jewelry line or to set your work apart - and have someone else do all the casting and polishing! So you get finished pieces that are ready to use.

Carve, build-up and sculpt wax to cast into rings, beads, charms, clasps and more. This workshop will teach you how to use an electric wax pen, modify your wax picks, carve, file, saw and polish wax models. How to invest and cast your work, set up a small casting studio, and polishing your finished castings will also be covered during this 3 day retreat, as well as how to outsource reproduction of your models to casters. This is a great opportunity to learn all you need to know to make jewelry using the lost wax casting process, from start to finish.

Kit of materials and use of tools included with the class.

Class is offered as a 3 day workshop or as a 6 session course meeting once a week. Check list below for upcoming dates and times. 

All materials, like wax and bronze casting grain, to make the sample projects included with the class. Beads and findings to string your projects not included. The main focus of this class is to learn how to make good wax models. Wax work is easy to set up in a home studio, and casting can be outsourced to a casting house. Casting is demonstrated by the instructor, but students can request to cast their own pieces during class. 



Open to Students of Any Level. Beginners welcome!

Location: Studio, Berkeley, CA

Instructor: Joe Silvera

Upcoming Workshop Dates
Date(s) Times
Fri. Apr 7, Sat. Apr 8, Sun. Apr 910AM-6PM

Sold Out

Fri. Jun 9, Sat. Jun 10, Sun. Jun 1110AM-6PM


Fri. Aug 11, Sat. Aug 12, Sun. Aug 1310AM-6PM


Lost Wax Casting 1

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