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About Joe and Anat Silvera

The Silvera Jewelry School was founded in 2010 by Anat and Joe Silvera, who have over 20 years of jewelry making experience, including more than 12 years of teaching students how to fabricate jewelry. We are located in West Berkeley near shops and restaurants. Workshops are available as one day and multi-day classes in jewelry techniques, like soldering, stone setting, enameling and lost wax casting.


The mission of SJS is simple: to teach professional jewelry skills using home studio friendly tools. Whether students are raw beginners or intermediate, teens or adults, our teaching style emphasizes a clear understanding of technique and good craftsmanship. Most classes are structured around sample projects that clearly demonstrate the technique. As students make their own variations, teachers offer hands on help and critique. Workshops are organized to allow enough time to complete projects, including polishing, and students are given color handouts with step-by-step instructions and photos so that they can continue to practice at home.

Class sizes are small with a maximum of 9 students. We have a jewelry bench for every student, complete with all of the tools necessary to make jewelry. Materials are included in the class fees, so students can walk in and take classes without any extra cost. This is especially great for students coming from other states or even other countries - they can fly in and take a class without having to transport any tools! And we offer our students discounts on quality jewelry tools to help them set up their own studios.

All demonstrations are magnified on a flat screen television, which dramatically increases understanding and success rates for students since everyone can see every detail of the technique - from how prongs and bezels are set around the stones, to the exact moment when the solder flows into a join.

Interested in learning jewelry? Call or email us. We have advice about classes to start with on the About Classes page.


Silvera Jewelry School is located in a spacious building, with an open floor plan, high ceilings and skylights. The light and space makes the classroom a very pleasant environment to work in. Benches are spaced to allow for ease of movement. Tools and equipment are clean and organized for efficient work and learning.

Students have access to individual storage cubbies to store their personal items during class and we have a small kitchen. Coffee, tea and healthy snacks are always available, along with tables and a couch for taking breaks.


Classes are taught by Joe and Anat Silvera and guest instructors who are professional jewelers and teachers.

Joe Silvera is the author of Soldering Made Simple: Easy Techniques for Kitchen Table Jewelers, in its 5th edition since publication in 2010. His second book is Soldering Beyond the Basics, published in 2014. He has over 25 years of jewelry and teaching experience, from his BFA with honors in jewelry, to working as a goldsmith, model maker in the casting industry, and selling his own jewelry at shows and galleries. Joe brings a patient and humorous approach to his teaching style that make understanding jewelry processes and techniques fun.

Anat Silvera is the author of Enameling Made Easy: Torch-Firing Workshop for Beginners and Beyond. She has loved jewelry since she was a little girl in Los Angeles. Before and after college she studied with artists and craftsmen, apprenticing as a metalsmith and learning fine beadwork. Anat has exhibited and sold her work all over the U.S., including an exhibit as a featured artist at the Oakland Museum of Art Collector’s Gallery. She has taught jewelry in the Bay Area for over 25 years. Her classes are known for their thorough and patient demonstrations of good technique. She teaches beadwork, wirework, enameling, fold forming, stone setting, filigree, granulation and more! Anat is known for her helpful, wonderfully encouraging and accessible teaching style. She supports her students to learn traditional jewelry techniques with clear demonstrations and lots of hands-on help.