Silvera Jewelry School | Testimonials


"Taking the metalworking intensive is the best thing I've done for myself all year. I have so many projects that I have been imagining in my head but lack the proper studio or knowledge for execution. I was able to go to the workshop, have access to Joe and Anat's endless knowledge, plus full studio equipment, and complete many items that have been in my hopper. I highly recommend it!"
       - Faris

"I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for teaching me soldering. My life has changed in so many ways since I took your soldering retreat and I'm finally getting to do what I've always dreamed of. I wanted to let you know that because I took your amazing class I was able to teach myself how to do tube setting, and one of my tube set pieces was included in the new book 'Gemstone Settings: The Jewelers Guide to Styles and Techniques' by Anastasia Young. You seriously have no idea how thrilled I am about this! My spinning gemstone bangle bracelet is on page 93, my new favorite number. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you!"
       - Lilian

"Best class is at Silvera Jewelry School in Berkeley. Joe Silvera is a very good teacher. He is knowledgeable, straight forward, patient and super helpful. His demonstrations and notes are fantastic. You are in for a real treat taking a class from Joe."
       - Melinda

"I'm very glad that I took this 3-day enameling class. It was a quantum leap for me! Anat is a wonderful teacher and it is incredible how much we could do and learn in just three days, how much information and skills she gave us! I enjoyed every moment of these days, spent in a creative and friendly atmosphere. Yes, we were exhausted by the evenings, but it was definitely worth it :). Thank you very much to Anat and Silvera school!"
       - Valery

"The metalsmithing intensive at the Silvera Jewelry School was a dream come true for me. It enabled me to work on designs from my imagination and with materials of my choosing in a positive educational and tool filled environment! I was able to work at my own speed with no feelings of pressure. I continued to work at the edge of my learning frontier and learned new skills and techniques to meet the challenges that arose from my project. The teachers, Anat and Joe were ever present to demonstrate, teach, encourage and suggest innovative solutions to my work related problems. I have been able to create pieces I could never have done on my own. It was a liberating learning experience."
       - Natalie

"I'm writing to you today to say thank you not only for the soldering class but, for the Silvera philosophy of not needing to rent studio space or have thousands of dollars of equipment when starting out. From the conversations I've had with metalsmiths to potentially work/study with, it seems as if the general view has been that it is not possible to create jewelry or practice skills in a make shift home studio. Most don't believe that basic soldering can be done with a micro butane torch. I believe that if I had met with them first I would have felt discouraged and might not have moved forward with my mother's gift or I would be in quite a bit of debit from purchasing equipment. While there are so many techniques I have yet to learn about, thanks to your class I can bring a few of my designs to life while I continue to learn."
       - Carolyn

"I had a great time! Learned a lot. The best part was being able to have 3 days in a row to learn and absorb."

"Time flew by - comprehensive, high quality teaching in a supportive atmosphere. One on one help speeds up the learning curve. Handout sheets are textbook quality." If you want to learn about and improve your soldering this is great place to go. Joe is a fantastic teacher and is skilled, patient, calm and knowledgeable. I have done a number of courses with him now and I'm always learning new things from him."

"Joe makes you feel at ease with the process of working with a torch and fire, which can be daunting at first, and he makes you feel calm and confident about the whole process. Come take a class here, you will love it! Not only will you find great teachers, (Anat is a skilled metal-smith also), but the facility they teach in is a well ventilated, spacious and bright studio which also stocks tools and supplies for your soldering projects."

"But wait, there's more! Whilst working on your soldering skills you are also served with yummy snacks like cherries and goats cheese, chocolate, crackers and tea!!"
       - Billie

"I appreciated Joe's patience and skill with a rank beginner like myself that allowed me to make things I couldn't imagine making before. Worth the drive from Seattle!"
       - Nancy

"I thought all the enthusiasm about Argentium was just marketing, but it really is significantly better than sterling silver to work with. It was great that there were so many tools available to use, both at our work stations and also to share and try out. The teaching style is very good - easy going, while still making great progress everyday. Projects were clever and challenging - I learned so much in just a few days!"
       - Kelly

"The concentrated time to work was the best part. The retreat offers a better learning opportunity than a single day class - it's easier to focus."

"Really, really liked being able to work on a real jewelers bench. I work at a table at home and purchased a desk not to long ago specifically for my jewlery making, because of this I will not be getting a bench any time soon, but working at the bench gave me a good understanding about how I work and what I need to do to modify my desk. The TV screen is genius. It really shows how things are supposed to behave. For instance when standing around watching you solder you really can't see the behavior of the process, an example would be when the solder drops. Or how the solder looks as it is flowing around a piece, etc. That really sealed it for me, as I struggled in the one day class before. Once I took notice of the behavior everything was a piece of cake."
       - Yolie

"I attended 2 of your classes at Puget Sound Festival in Tacoma and enjoyed & learned a whole lot. I also bought your DVD which is absolutely clear and very extensive in knowledge & skill. One of the best I've seen."
       - Linda

"I wanted to thank you both for a truly wonderful bezels class at B&B. I had a great time and am enjoying all the oohs and ahhs I'm getting when I show my colleagues the beautiful piece I finished in class. You are both terrific teachers so patient!"
       - Sherry

"As the saying goes, Silvera Jewelry School is "all that and a bag of chips"! Joe and Anat have "it down" in terms of creating and providing a delightful studio space that's roomy, full of natural night, the best of the best supplies, and owner/instructors there at the ready - whatever the need may be. As a shop for purchasing supplies, I have been able to purchased many much needed (and specialized items) through the store - tools and/or material I could not find elsewhere locally, and often at better prices than I could find online."

"But for me, the best is being able to find such talented instructors locally, who are ready, willing and able to "be there" for their students is a treasured and rare find indeed! Joe and Anat are "made of the right stuff" and demonstrate the "best of the best" of small business owners. They have been awesome in each and every interaction/encounter we have had . . . and this is the basis of which I absolutely know we will continue to have a multi-level relationship for years to come!"
       - Rhoda C.