Class Instructor: Anat Silvera

Anat Silvera
ANAT SILVERA is one of the founders of Silvera Jewelry School. Shehas loved jewelry since she was a little girl in Los Angeles and she is known for her helpful, wonderfully encouraging and accessible teaching style.
Before and after college she studied with artists and craftsmen, apprenticing as a metalsmith and learning how to create fine beadwork.  Anat has exhibited and sold her work all over the U.S., including an exhibit as a featured artist at the Oakland Museum of Art Collector’s Gallery. She has taught jewelry in the Bay Area for longer than she wants to admit! 
Anat Silvera is the author of Enameling Made Easy: Torch-Firing Workshop for Beginners and Beyond. Currently, she is the most passionate about enameling, which offers a multi-layered depth of color and design for jewelry that is a thrill to create. 
She also has taught in Anchorage, AK, and at national bead festivals, like the Bead & Button Show and BeadFest. 


Classes Taught By Anat Silvera:

Drilling Rocks and Sea Glass
Sat. Feb 11, 10AM - 12PM PT (Pacific Time)
Thu. Feb 23, 10AM - 12PM PT (Pacific Time)

Earrings: Hoops and Posts
Sat. Apr 1, 10AM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)

Enameling 1 - Basics
Sat. May 20, 10AM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Sun. May 21, 10AM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)

Etruscan Spiral
Sat. Feb 25, 10AM - 12PM PT (Pacific Time)

Gold-Filled Jewelry
Sun. Apr 2, 10AM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)

Growing Your Voice
Wed. Jun 14, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Wed. Jun 21, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Wed. Jun 28, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Wed. Jul 5, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Wed. Jul 12, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Wed. Jul 19, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Wed. Jul 26, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Wed. Aug 2, 2PM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)

Intro to Soldering - Stack Rings
Fri. Mar 3, 10:30AM - 1:30PM PT (Pacific Time)
Fri. May 19, 6:30PM - 9:30PM PT (Pacific Time)

Revolving Rings
Sat. Feb 18, 10AM - 12PM PT (Pacific Time)