Class Instructor: Hratch Nargizian

Hratch Nargizian

Hratch's engraving career started over 50 years ago as I graduated from Arts and Crafts school in Soviet Armenia with a Master Engraver title. Being born into family of five generations of metal artists, he chose engraving for his love and fascination of patterns.

Moving to the US 40 years ago gave Hratch a chance to study and embrace new patterns and styles of hand engraving. As mechanized tools are being marketed, the art of traditional hand engraving is being done by fewer masters,

Hratch is passionate about supporting the efforts of art and craft people who want to continue the traditional way of engraving. He has been teaching engraving in San Francisco, Mendocino, Virginia, Austin and Hawaii, where he currently resides. His work has been exhibited at galleries in US and overseas.


Classes Taught By Hratch Nargizian:

Engraving with Hratch Nargizian - 4 days
Thu. Sep 12, 10AM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Fri. Sep 13, 10AM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Sat. Sep 14, 10AM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)
Sun. Sep 15, 10AM - 5PM PT (Pacific Time)