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Ronda Coryell

Ronda Coryell is a Jewelers of America Certified Master Bench Jeweler, and one of the world’s most well regarded experts on the use of Argentium.

Founder of the Northwest Chapter of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths, she now devotes her time to lecturing and teaching worldwide. Ronda has taught and lectured in such places as Bali, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain and England.

She won First Place in the prestigious Saul Bell Awards and continues to gain recognition in competition and exhibition. Her work is included in several books on contemporary jewelry: 500 Earrings, 500 Bracelets, The Art and Craft of Jewelry Making.

Artist Statement:

Teaching has become as important to me as creating. Through teaching, I am continually challenged by the questions of "why" and "how" regarding things I sometimes take for granted. Encouraging students to experiment beyond the known limits makes it exciting and keeps me continually learning.

I see the use of Argentium as a way for someone’s work to stand out from the crowd. It is truly a metal of the new millennium. Education is the key to Argentium’s acceptance. It is similar to Standard Sterling, but definitely different. Understanding these differences and the characteristics of Argentium and imparting this to my students is my focus.


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Ronda Coryell