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René Roberts

René Roberts has been using Photoshop since its inception in the 1990’s, converting it to a powerful tool for various metalsmithing and enameling purposes. She specializes in translating the photorealistic details of the natural world into metal and enamel, with processes that include etching, roll printing, embossing, champleve, basse taille, screen printing, and making decals. Highly experimental, she’s created award winning champlevé enamels that have been featured in many shows, publications such as LARK 500 Enameled Objects, and the recent Enamelist Society exhibit at the Tacoma Glass Museum, where she won first place for wall work.

She’s been teaching Photoshop to beginning learners since 2003, with an emphasis on metalsmithing and enameling techniques. She brings to her classes an infinite patience and a playful sense of humor. With clear explanations in non-technical language, her approach to this sophisticated software is to “keep what you need and leave the rest”. Going beyond rote tutorials, she gives students an understanding of how Photoshop thinks under the hood, giving them a strong foundation to grow the tool for their own purposes after the class is over. 


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René Roberts