Class Instructor: Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson

Chris is an enthusiastic maker turned inventor who has honed his skills through self-teaching and the invaluable guidance of inspiring mentors he encountered along his journey. Raised in the scenic Pacific Northwest, he developed a profound affinity for the outdoors, which serves as a wellspring of inspiration for his creative endeavors. Coming from a family of engineers, machinists, mechanics, gardeners, and DIY’ers definitely helped jumpstart his life long love of working with his hands. In 2016, Chris founded Lion Punch Forge as a hobby, after he, his brother (Bruce), and father (Mike) purchased a coal-fired blacksmith shop.

Progressively Chris learned welding, basic fabrication, and light machine work. Originally these skills were acquired for the ability to fashion his own replacement parts and to forge knives and tools. Eager to enhance the intricacy of his knife-making, Chris undertook the self-taught study of goldsmithing and metal forming. The pursuit of jewelry-making rekindled Chris's passion for geology and propelled him into swiftly acquire skills in lapidary arts, such as gemstone faceting, slabbing, and cabochon making. Chris still avidly seeks out gemstone and lapidary rough for the thrilling pursuit of treasure hunting.

Having retired from a 20+ year career in public safety in 2020, Chris now devotes himself to running Lion Punch Forge full-time as a self-employed entrepreneur. With a background as an instructor in public safety realm Chris has transitioned that role into his new position as a teacher and mentor within the metal arts and creative communities.

Classes Taught By Chris Anderson:

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