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Answers to some Common Questions about Soldering
Soldering can be confusing. Joe Silvera sheds light on common questions to help you troubleshoot your soldering.

Create Samples of your Enamel Colors
How to create a handy sample board of enamel colors. By Anat Silvera

How to Adjust your Bench Pin Height and add a Sweeps Tray to a Table
Blog article by Joe Silvera on hacks for your kitchen table jewelry space. Raise your bench pin to make it a more comfortable height, and create a leather sweeps bag for all that silver dust.

How to Make an Easy and Safe Torch Station
Got fire? How to make a safe soldering and annealing station. By Joe Silvera

In a pickle. All about pickling solutions and how to dispose of them.
Advice about pickle solutions for cleaning your jewelry after soldering. By Joe Silvera

Metal Clay and Fused Glass
Arlene Mornick discusses the use of these two beautiful mediums together.

Organize your sandpaper and metal
Tips for keeping your sandpaper and jewelry metals handy and organized. By Joe Silvera

Setting up a Home Jewelry Studio
Advice from Joe Silvera on how to set up a home studio

The Alchemy of Metal Clay
Arlene Mornick explains what Metal Clay is all about.

The Story of Art Nouveau
Interesting article about one of my favorite art styles.

Tips for Making Hinges and Knuckles With Metal Clay
Arlene Mornick explains movable joints and mechanisms in Metal Clay

Tips for Working with Gold-Filled and other filled metals
Gold filled can be tricky to use without damaging it. Helpful tips by Joe Silvera

Troubleshooting Tips for your Butane Torch
How to diagnose and fix common problems with butane torches. By Joe Silvera

Which soldering surface is best?
How to choose the right soldering board or other surface to get the job done. By Joe Silvera

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