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Bench Top Polisher

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Price: $113.95


Smaller than a mouse pad is the best way to explain this great new polisher from EURO TOOL! This Bench Polisher has pre-lubricated ball bearings and a dust-proof motor housing that makes it virtually maintenance free! The user will not sacrifice quality or speed with this well balanced precision polisher, works with standard wheels and buffs up to 4".

• Includes 2 tapered spindles, 2 medium abrasive wheels and 2 replacement motor brushes.
• 110 volt, 1/6 HP motor.
• Variable speed from 1,800 - 7,500 RPM
• UL Listed

This item is available online only.

Also use with 3" wheels, like larger radial disks to polish your jewelry faster - cover more surface area and leave less track marks. With radial wheels there is no dust or mess.

Please note: "This model has a slight quirk that does not interfere with its function or durability. If the speed dial is turned on slowly, the motor will pulse until you get to medium or higher speed. Once it is turned up past half way, the motor is steady. This can be a little strange, but if you just turn it on and place the dial right away at medium speed or higher, then you avoid the pulses and you can raise or lower the speed to any setting you want. We have these motors at our jewelry school for students to use for polishing, and they have provided reliable service for years. We use them primarily with 3" radial discs (6-ply) for clean, fantastic polishing." - Joe Silvera