Radial Bristle Discs 3/4"


Flexible radial disks are fantastic for polishing surfaces while preserving shape and texture. They can remove scale and sand up to a mirror polish - and are almost completely dust free for home friendly polishing!

• Use 3-6 discs per mandrel for best performance.

• Produce a uniform finish that is easily controllable.

• Great conformability and flexibility - easily finishes
detailed or hard to reach areas.

• Runs clean - no chemicals or compounds required.

• Runs cool - safe for delicate pieces.

• Sold per dozen.

• Recommended speed 15,000RPM to max 30,000RPM

Here is the order of the grits for polishing with radial bristle disks, from coarse to mirror polish:

White 120-grit
Red 220-grit
Blue 400-grit
Peach 6µ
Light Green 1µ

Pink is an alternate fine finish, instead of using peach or light green. It makes a satin gloss pumice finish and can be used after 400-grit blue radials.