GRS Double 3rd Hand Soldering Station



Keep both hands free and components in place while soldering with this convenient GRS bench-mountable workstation.

Slide the station onto your BenchMate™ mounting plate, or simply keep it on top of your bench, for sturdy support while you solder. The soldering board is constructed of a durable, asbestos-free material that is heat-resistant and provides long service life.

• High-grade steel construction with spring-loaded Third Hand clamps.
• A pair of three-joint arms hold work securely up to 14" above the work surface.
• Each arm includes a Third Hand with steel jaws; jaw tips are rounded and their gripping surfaces are angled to meet flush with one another.
• Reversible soldering block, 6" x 6" x 3/4".

Requires a GRS mounting plate.

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