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Brushes, Large

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Buffs, Large

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Buffs, Small

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Cup Brushes

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Emery Sticks

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End Brushes

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Felt Wheels

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Satin Buffs

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Texturing Brushes

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Tumblers, Shot, Compounds

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Silicone Polishing Wheels Photo

Silicone Polishing Wheels


Polish your jewelry without lots of greasy residue with silicone wheels. Use them to remove scratches, shape your metal and polish up to a mirror shine.

Split Mandrels Photo

Split Mandrels


This is a steel mandrel with a reinforced slot for inserting strips of sandpaper for faster sanding.

Sunburst 7/8" Radial Discs Photo

Sunburst 7/8" Radial Discs


Sunburst® Radial Bristle Discs by Dedeco® are impregnated with a specially treated ceramic abrasive grain resulting in longer life and faster results requiring no polishing compound.

Threaded Mandrel 3/32" shank Photo

Threaded Mandrel 3/32" shank


Use with silicone polishing cylinders. These mandrels allow you to mount the cylinders for use with a Dremel or flex shaft.

Ultrasonic Basket Extra Fine Mesh Photo

Ultrasonic Basket Extra Fine Mesh


Our stainless steel cleaning baskets are universal, as they will fit virtually any ultrasonic unit. Hold parts for easy retrieval. Extra fine mesh will catch any loose bits you don't want to lose!

White Diamond Polishing Compound-1 LB. Bar Photo

White Diamond Polishing Compound-1 LB. Bar


XXX White Diamond is a finer abrasive for extra fast cutting of silver and other soft metals. Approximate weight: 1 lb. bar.

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