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Flush Cutters Photo

Flush Cutters

Lindstrom Pliers & Cutters Photo

Lindstrom Pliers & Cutters

Parallel Jaw Pliers Photo

Parallel Jaw Pliers

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Miland Anticlastic Pliers Photo

Miland Anticlastic Pliers


Perfect for making anticlastic (concave) bracelets, rings, and bangles.

Miland Synclastic Pliers Photo

Miland Synclastic Pliers

Starts at $47.95

Create a synclastic (convex) bracelet in minutes, not hours. Also makes rings, bangles, more. Different sizes available.

Nylon Jaw Flat Nose Ultra Ergo Pliers Photo

Nylon Jaw Flat Nose Ultra Ergo Pliers


Shape and tweak your metal with nylon jaw pliers without leaving a scratch! And with comfortable ultra ergo handles.

Pliers Rack Photo

Pliers Rack


This simple wooden rack will hold up to 10 pairs of pliers. Inexpensive and convenient, keeping pliers and cutters handy and off the bench. 7-1/2" x 3-3/4" x 4-3/4".

Revere Line Pliers for Metalsmithing Photo

Revere Line Pliers for Metalsmithing

Starts at $32.95

Treat yourself to quality pliers made for metalsmithing by an exceptional, professional metalsmith - Alan Revere.

Round/Flat Bending Plier Photo

Round/Flat Bending Plier


Great for all bending applications

Round/Flat Nose Pliers Photo

Round/Flat Nose Pliers


Flat/round box-joint bending pliers with highly polished surfaces.

Slim Bent Nose Plier Photo

Slim Bent Nose Plier


Slimline Bent Nose Plier with Teal Grips 4 1/2"

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