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Headband Magnifier with Light Photo

Headband Magnifier with Light


The patented LED Illuminating Headband Magnifier is comfortable to wear and easy to adjust - one size fits all.

Loupe 10X Doublet Photo

Loupe 10X Doublet


Use loupes to check stones, solder joins, and test the quality of your work! An essential jewelry tool.

Magniclip Magnifier for Glasses Photo

Magniclip Magnifier for Glasses


Lightweight, clip-on magnifiers for use with your glasses offer a hands free magnification when working on precise, detailed work.

Optivisors Photo



Known worldwide as the best headband magnifier on the market today. This model offers a low power #2 lens to help you see more clearly at a safe distance from your work (20").

Optivisors Replacement Lenses Photo

Optivisors Replacement Lenses


Replacement or alternate lenses for the optivisors headband magnifiers.