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Finger Gauge - Plastic - sizes 1 to 15 Photo

Finger Gauge - Plastic - sizes 1 to 15

$1.95 - OUT OF STOCK

Use finger gauges to measure fingers for ring size. These narrow bands come in sizes 1 to 15, including half sizes. Lightweight and affordable for travel!

Finger Gauges - Wide band Photo

Finger Gauges - Wide band

$21.95 - OUT OF STOCK

Use wide band finger gauges to measure sizes for wide band rings. Wide rings fit differently on the finger, and typically run a half size larger than "normal" width rings.

German Brass Sliding Gauge Photo

German Brass Sliding Gauge


This 80mm German-made gauge in solid brass offers a combination of inches and millimeters.

Jumbo Finger Gauges - sizes 16-24 Photo

Jumbo Finger Gauges - sizes 16-24


Jumbo finger gauge, sizes 1624 in half sizes. There are a lot of big guys out there, and they need larger finger gauges.

Metal Vernier Gauge Photo

Metal Vernier Gauge


This excellent quality 9-1/4" vernier caliper has finely honed jaws for exacting inside, outside and depth measurements.

Nylon Sliding Caliper Photo

Nylon Sliding Caliper


Use this easy plastic caliper as an alternative to a digital caliper. No batteries necessary! Comes with instructions.

Ruler Photo


Starts at $3.95

This fine 6" or 12" steel ruler is useful for quick measurements or scribing lines and features a hole in one end for hanging.

Steel Square Photo

Steel Square

Starts at $5.95

Steel squares are milled to perfection at an exact 90 angle for perfect corners, centering stones and a wide variety of other uses.

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