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Burs: Bud Photo

Burs: Bud

Burs: Cone Photo

Burs: Cone

Burs: Cup Photo

Burs: Cup

Burs: Cylinder Photo

Burs: Cylinder

Burs: Diamond Photo

Burs: Diamond

Burs: Flame Photo

Burs: Flame

Burs: Hart Photo

Burs: Hart

Burs: Inside Ring Photo

Burs: Inside Ring

Burs: Inverted Cone Photo

Burs: Inverted Cone

Burs: Knife Edge Cutter Photo

Burs: Knife Edge Cutter

Burs: Krause Photo

Burs: Krause

Burs: Round Photo

Burs: Round

Burs: Setting Photo

Burs: Setting

Burs: Slim Reamer Photo

Burs: Slim Reamer

Burs: Stands & Holders Photo

Burs: Stands & Holders

Burs: Wheel Photo

Burs: Wheel

Assorted Bur Set 24 pc w/ Stand Photo

Assorted Bur Set 24 pc w/ Stand


These burs are made of the finest Swedish Tool Steel in precision Swiss factories that specialize in the very finest cutting instruments in the world.

Cut Lube Photo

Cut Lube


Use this lubricant for burs, sawing, drilling or drawing wire to help your tools last longer and for easier cutting.

Slick Lube Photo

Slick Lube


The most advanced coolant on the market today.