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Bezel Mandrel - round Photo

Bezel Mandrel - round


Used to form bezels, make chain links and shape decorative ornaments. Made of stainless steel in the U.S. with the highest quality standards.

Necklace Mandrel Photo

Necklace Mandrel


To shape necklaces perfectly and easily a neck mandrel is essential. You can work metals or use the neck mandrel to form wax with our economy model crafted in India.

Oval Bracelet Mandrel Photo

Oval Bracelet Mandrel


Smooth steel oval mandrel is designed for bracelets with a taper from 2-1/8" x 3" to 1-1/4" x 1-3/8". Length 15". Weighs 7.1lbs

Ring Mandrel Photo

Ring Mandrel


Made of hardened tool steel, our ring mandrels combine performance with economy. 11 1/2" long, with a nice gradual taper to accommodate sizes 1 through 15.

Round Bracelet Mandrel Photo

Round Bracelet Mandrel


Smooth steel round mandrel is designed for bracelets with a taper from 3" to 1-1/2". Length 15". Weighs 5.7lbs.

Square Forming Mandrel Photo

Square Forming Mandrel


Steel square mandrel is great for forming bezels, wire, or sheet. Tapers from 6mm-18mm

Square Forming Mandrel- clipped corners Photo

Square Forming Mandrel- clipped corners


Steel Square Forming Mandrel with clipped corners . Tapers from 6mm-18mm

Stepped Mandrel Set Photo

Stepped Mandrel Set


A great set for wraping wire for jump rings, etc. This two piece 6" mandrel set, made of stainless steel with a non-slip PVC handle will give the user consistent size loops time after time.

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