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Ring Stretchers

Rathburn Ring Stretcher Photo

Rathburn Ring Stretcher


Quickly enlarge rings with this easy to use, inexpensive tool. Simply tapping the end spreads the outer mandrel and stretches the ring.

Ring Stretcher with Reducer Premium Photo

Ring Stretcher with Reducer Premium


This premium Italian ring stretcher both reduces and enlarges rings up to size 15. The six-spline mandrel is graduated in U.S. sizes for accurately enlarging rings.

Ring Stretcher/Reducer Photo

Ring Stretcher/Reducer


EURO TOOL's Ring Stretcher/Reducer is great quality and a great value! Enlarges and reduces rings quickly.

Table Top Ring Stretcher Photo

Table Top Ring Stretcher


Stretches rings with mountings without loosening prongs or stressing stone settings when other stretchers cannot be used.