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Stands & Holders

40 Hole Bur Stand Photo

40 Hole Bur Stand


Attractive and functional, this 40-hole bur block measuring 4-1/4" x 3" x 3/4" puts burs, drills, mini brushes and other 3/32" shank tools at your fingertips. Made of high-impact lucite.

Bur Holder Photo

Bur Holder


Bristle block holds burs, mini buffs, brushes and any 3/32" shank attachments. Perfect organizer for any bench.

Handy Block Photo

Handy Block


Our HANDY BLOCK is a 4-1/2" x 6" block of cured hardwood with 88 holes for organizing burs, needle files, beaders, mini brushes, etc.

Handy Bur Box Photo

Handy Bur Box


This box holds small and large packages and has removable dividers which keep boxes upright to easily identify the size and shape.

High Speed Bur - Tree Photo

High Speed Bur - Tree


A complete selection of High-Speed Steel Burs known for their hardness and durability. Stays sharper much longer than conventional tungsten-vanadium. With 3/32" shanks, our HSS burs will fit any handp

Magnetic Bur Stand Photo

Magnetic Bur Stand


This magnetic bur holder keeps burs readily available for the busy jeweler.