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Wax Model Making Tools

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Deluxe Wax Carving Set Photo

Deluxe Wax Carving Set


This all inclusive 13 piece kit comes in a smart wooden box to keep tools at hand. This set is comprised of our best and most popular wax tools. Virtually everything one needs to design and finish wax

Detailers Wax Bur Kit Photo

Detailers Wax Bur Kit


Kit contains a round wax bur, helix, and four detail carving burs. Swiss-made, 3/32" shanks.

Double End Scoop Carvers Photo

Double End Scoop Carvers


Set of two double-ended “scoop” type carvers offer four sizes. Popular for years in the pottery industry, we’ve found these sharp-edge tools excellent for carving, transferring wax, etc. Made of rust-

Double Ended Wax File Photo

Double Ended Wax File


This 8" economy vulcanite wax file has one end medium cut and the other end coarse. Can be used on plastic, wax or wood. Will last for years and we guarantee your satisfaction!

Euro Point Wax File Carvers Photo

Euro Point Wax File Carvers


With small pointed tips for fine work, each Europoint Precision Carver features single cuts, which will not clog, yet leaves a smooth surface. Made of stainless steel with sure-grip handles, they are

File Cleaner Photo

File Cleaner


File cleaner removes small particles that clog teeth and reduce the file's ability to cut. A tool box necessity!

Gram Scale Photo

Gram Scale


600 gram capacity at exceptional pricing. Excellent quality and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Key File Set Photo

Key File Set


Handy files known as "key files" feature six shapes with wood handles. A step finer than the rougher double ended wax file and loads of handy shapes for refining your waxes.

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