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Wax Wire - Spools Photo

Wax Wire - Spools


Flexible wax wire on spools allows for less waste as the exact amount can be unwound as needed. Each spool contains a half pound of wax wires.

Wolf Carving Waxes - Blocks and Slices Photo

Wolf Carving Waxes - Blocks and Slices


This line of flexible, medium hard waxes can be carved into the finest design detail and polished to an incredibly smooth finish. Solid blocks and sliced blocks in gold tone.

Wolf Relief Wax Photo

Wolf Relief Wax


Use for creating raised-detail on carving waxes. Apply molten relief wax onto surface of the wax model. Can be easily carved. Flows at 165 F (74C).

Wolf Touch Up Wax Photo

Wolf Touch Up Wax


Ideal for the final touch-up of wax imperfections such as pits, cracks or to flow inside bezel walls for a tighter fit. Can be easily scraped-off or trimmed for a smooth finish.

Wolf's Positioning Wax Photo

Wolf's Positioning Wax


Ideal when securing stones for accurate tracing. Simply smear wax on stone then press it onto wax or metal then scribe around the stone. Measures 3/16" square x 6" long. Flows at 173 F (78C).

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