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Wax Pens & Pen Tips

Electric Wax Worker Handpiece Photo

Electric Wax Worker Handpiece


A replacement handpiece for wax workers. Designed with eight individual non-flammable and non-warming wires to provide optimal flexibility and heat resistance.

Electric Wax Worker Pen Photo

Electric Wax Worker Pen


This wax pen makes building up and forming wax models a breeze! Don't spend your time heating dental tools with a lamp with you can draw in wax with an electric wax pen.

Electric Wax Worker Pen Tips Photo

Electric Wax Worker Pen Tips


Wax pen tips for the electric wax worker pen sold here. Tips are narrow, large, spatula and more.

Max Wax Pen Photo

Max Wax Pen


The Euro Tool wax pens are the ultimate cordless wax tools. Instant heat up to 850F with finger pressure control, makes it ideal for design work, spruing, and more

Max Wax Pen - Replacement Tips Photo

Max Wax Pen - Replacement Tips


Replacement tips for the Max wax pen and Super Max Wax Pen. Also fits the Perfect End Thread Burner.

Portable Wax Pen Photo

Portable Wax Pen


This portable soldering iron is excellent for use as a wax pen, touch-up, spruing waxes, etc.

Portable Wax Pen - Tips Photo

Portable Wax Pen - Tips


Replacement tips for Portable Wax Pen/ Soldering Iron.