Aqui Flux - Self-Pickling Flux Photo
Aqui Flux - Self-Pickling Flux

It's the tried-and-true jewelers hard soldering flux. Yellow-green and self pickling, it's the best in water based fluxes. Well-mixed to eliminate suspension.

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Borax - 1 lb. Photo
Borax - 1 lb.

This deoxidizing flux keeps metal clean during melting and pouring.

Flux Bottle with Stainless Steel Spout Photo
Flux Bottle with Stainless Steel Spout

This is a hot and handy item for depositing flux or any other liquid exactly where you want it with just an easy squeeze.

Spray Bottle 4 oz. Photo
Spray Bottle 4 oz.

Four ounce spray bottles sold in a packs of three. Use to spray liquid flux.