Jayne Redman Tools

Dovetail Mounting Plate Photo
Dovetail Mounting Plate

Screw the Jayne RedmanŽ Dovetail Mounting Plate to the front of your bench. Slide a Dovetail Rotating Base, with any Jayne RedmanŽ work surface attached, onto the Dovetail Mounting plate for a conveni

Dovetail Rotating Bench Pin Base Photo
Dovetail Rotating Bench Pin Base

The Jayne RedmanŽ Dovetail Rotating Base is used with the Dovetail Mounting Plate to allow quick removal of your Work Surface. Simply lift up, sliding the Bench Pin off of the Mounting Plate to presen

Large Aluminum Work Surface Photo
Large Aluminum Work Surface

The Jayne RedmanŽ Large Aluminum Work Surface is a generous size to support a variety of metalsmithing projects, used primarily for sawing applications.