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Super Grip Gloves

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For safety, you never want to wear loose fitting gloves while polishing, and no gloves should be worn ever when working with large polishing motors and buffing machines. But with snug fitting gloves like these, you can work safely with most bits on a flex shaft or Dremel. Remember, if it seems like the tool can grab your glove and bind up, don't wear it!

I use these gloves when polishing with my flex shaft to protect my hands and keep them clean. The fit is so snug that when I take them off now I can still see the imprinted creases of my finger joints - like a mold of my hand!

Super Grip gloves offer the best in hand and finger protection. Slightly tacky palm is nitrile coated for a great grip and extra puncture resistance. the remainder is woven poly with breathes, keeping hands cool. Gloves are sold by the pair. Sizes small, medium or large.

Please note these gloves are sized for men, and may be a little loose on women's hands. You may want to choose one size smaller than normal.

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