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Electric Wax Worker Pen

Electric Wax Worker Pen Photo

Price: $189.95


Electric wax pens makes building up and forming wax models a breeze! Don't spend your time heating dental tools with a lamp with you can draw in wax with an electric wax pen.

Furnished with one tip, this unit is designed to pick up wax, hold it in a reservoir and deposit it on your model with precision. Adjust your heat for various waxes, effects and even to polish your wax.

Comes standard in 120 volts, is UL listed and approved to meet and exceed all safety standards. Three-prong grounded plug. The on/off rocker switch is illuminated when the unit is on.

Other tips available. Full one year warranty on all parts and labor.

Please note: the cord to the handpiece for this pen is made of a stiff wire and can be a little awkward to move around compared to similar wax pens. 

This item is available online only.