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Bench Top Polisher Kit with Radials

Bench Top Polisher Kit with Radials Photo

Price: $289.95


This Bench Top Polishing Kit comes with the featured Bench Top Polisher, six Hubs and six grits of 3" radials.  With this kit you will be able to begin working right away!

The bench top polisher has a small footprint and adjustable speed, making it an easy fit into any studio space. Using these larger wheels makes for faster polishing of your jewelry. Combined with ultra clean dust free radials, you can set up to polish anywhere - no dust, no vacuum or hood required. 

Complete Kit Includes:

6 grits of 3" Radials (5 ply) - yellow-80, white-120, red-220, blue-400, peach and light green
6 hubs for using the radials with polishing motors
1 Bench Top Polishing motor

It's the easiest way to get everything you need to polish quickly and efficiently. 

This item is available online only.