Soldering Beyond the Basics



This follow-up to the successful Soldering Made Simple, Soldering Beyond the Basics expands the skills introduced in Joe Silvera’s first book in 2010. Featuring subjects that beginners need to know, it focuses on topics such as the next step in torch setup, how to solder with various metals, keeping metal clean with less polishing work, setting stones and found objects, and fusing metal and use sterling silver scraps.

With the authors detailed instructions including helpful photographs, this indispensable guide makes soldering approachable for all jewelry makers.

From the author:

"I'm exicited to share my second book on soldering with my students and everyone interested in jewelry. This book is crammed full of more techniques, tips and tricks for not only controling solder, but also for essential jewelry skills. There are lots of projects, including soldering bracelets, rings, earrings and more; and soldering mixed metals, gold, sterling, filled metals and Argentium. I've included more stone setting techniques: more bezel settings including 2-sided bezels, tube setting, flush setting, and several different prong settings. And all the projects are set up so that you can either use home friendly butane torches or upgrade to oxy/propane small torches. Even as I demonstrate more soldering techniques, I’m committed to using tools and equipment that can be safely used in a small shop or home studio. All it takes is a corner of a room to set up a simple jewelry bench. But that corner can overflow with hours of satisfied creation as you master the art of soldering."

- Joe Silvera


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