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Mini TruStrike Hammer Set of 7 with Stand

Mini TruStrike Hammer Set of 7 with Stand Photo

Price: $149.95


Finally a Truly remarkable family of manufacturing hammers at a fair price. The user will love the fine, highly polished heads and dark hardwood handle that allow for a True feel of the work being performed.

Get 7 polished hammers for the price of 2-3 hammers elsewhere! The handy wood stand makes your hammers easy to store, sort and ready to use. This is a set of all 7 Mini TruStrike Hammers including wide raising, narrow raising, designer texture, sharp designer, small embossing, embossing and planishing. 

These 7 hammers cover a lot of jewelry techniques including raising, forming, texturing, forging, planishing and more. 

This item is available only online.