Complete Jewelry Kit (without soldering)



(This is not the kit for the Jewelry 1 fabrication class. Please see the supplies list pdf that was emailed right after registration for info on the tools required and sources)

A kit to get you started making jewelry. All the basics plus tools for making rings and bezels. Just add new tools as you learn. Please note that this kit does not include any tools for soldering, but we have soldering kits to choose from on the Kits page.

This set of tools is the same one used for our basic jewelry courses at Silvera Jewelry School and they are also the recommended basic tools listed in our books, Soldering Made Simple, Soldering Beyond the Basics and Enameling Made Easy.

This is a great kit, but for a more basic set of tools try our Basic Jewelry Tool Kit.

This kit includes one each of the following:

  • V-Slot bench pin
  • Jeweler's Saw Frame**
  • 1 gross #2/0 blades
  • Needle File Set
  • Half Round Hand File
  • File Handle
  • Ring Clamp
  • TruStrike Planishing Hammer
  • Rawhide Mallet
  • Steel Block Set
  • Metric Ruler 
  • Straight Shears
  • Mini File Set
  • Chasing Hammer
  • Burnisher
  • 3" Divider
  • Professional Quality Ring Mandrel


This kit is available online only.