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Wubbers Artisan's Mark 4pc Texture Hammer Set

Wubbers Artisan's Mark 4pc Texture Hammer Set Photo

Price: $98.95


Available as a 4pc set, the Artisan's Mark Texture Hammers are different from any other jewelry making hammers on the market. This series has been carefully designed with gently curved handles that are ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. The head of the hammer is pinned through the wood of the handle making this hammer secure and safe to use. Smaller in size, the Artisan's Mark Hammers are perfect for detail work. Layer the textures and enjoy experimenting to see how many different looks you can create with just one hammer! Engineered for comfort and control. Highly polished steel for perfect finishing. Overall length of each hammer: 8-1/2". Set includes: Square, Oval, and 2 Triangle textures. Patented.

Available online only.