Sunburst 7/8" Knife Edge Radial Discs


Sunburst® Knife-Edge Radial Bristle Discs by Dedeco® are impregnated with a specially treated ceramic abrasive grain resulting in longer life and faster results requiring no polishing compound. Safer and more flexible than wire brushes. Knife-Edge radial discs are great for accessing hard-to-reach areas and provide a uniform finish while protecting details. Long-lasting and cool running with operating speeds of 3,000 - 18,000RPM. Lower speeds allow a softer touch, greater flexibility and more subtle results. Higher speeds provide more aggressive material removal.


Diameter: 7/8"
Style: Knife-Edge
Hole size: 1/16"
Qty: 1 dozen

Select grit and quantity from drop down menu.

Yellow: 80 Grit

White: 120 Grit

Red: 220 Grit

Blue: 400 Grit

Pink: 600 Grit (Pumice)

Peach: 6 Micron

Lt. Green: 1 Micron

Screw Mandrels sold separately.

Available online only.