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Lost Wax Casting 1 - The Basics (Online) Tool Kit

Lost Wax Casting 1 - The Basics (Online) Tool Kit Photo

Price: $132.50


This Class Tool Kit includes all of the tools required for Lost Wax Casting - The Basic (Online).

Kit includes:

Key Files

Set of 6 Needle Files Swiss Cut 2

Max Wax Pen

Aluminum Ring Mandrel

Jewelers Saw Frame

Bench Pin w/ Clamp

Metric Steel Ruler 6"

Steel Square 2"

Plastic Finger Gauges

Degree Gauge


*Please note this kit does not currently include the Dividers, as it is on back order with our tool company.

You may order it from Otto Frei Here: https://www.ottofrei.com/Dividers-3


Available online only.