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Video Tour of Silvera Jewelry School

Take a virtual tour of our school and classroom.




Setting up to solder safely in a home studio

Recommended materials and tools




Butane Torch Safety

How to fuel, light and safely use butane torches for soldering




How to Refuel and Light the Blazer Big Shot and Blazer Stingray Torches

This video reviews how to safely refuel and light Blazer torches. Blazer torches have easier systems for lighting and make wonderfully hot flames for soldering.  




How to Modify your Bench Pin

A video tip with Joe Silvera on some basic and very useful modifications to your bench pin to make it an even more useful tool. These will work for a jewelry bench pin or a pin that is clamped to a table.



Polishing with Power Tools

Using home friendly, clean abrasives with a flex shaft


Lost Wax Casting

A brief informal video about the lost wax casting process


Burnishing for Polishing

Burnishing isn't just for stone setting or with tumblers. Learn how this traditional but often overlooked technique can remove scratches and make a brilliant shine, especially on senistive metals, like gold-filled. 


How to Always Find your Chuck Key

Constantly searching for the chuck key for your flex shaft? Try this easy solution!


Interview with Anat Silvera

A short interview with Anat Silvera, author of Enameling Made Easy, and instructor at Silvera Jewelry School. This interview is about her book on torch-fired enameling, adapting kiln enameling to a torch.



Interview with Joe Silvera

(warning: this one is a little silly)




Soldering with Kate Wolf's Soldering Clay

A quick video demonstrating Kate Wolf's amazing soldering clay, which you can use to position parts for soldering. Cool stuff!