Beads and Yarn

How to Get Started Casting Your Own Designs

Getting started is easy. All you need is an idea, a wax model and a caster.

As an experienced wax carver, I can turn your idea into a original prototype, ready to send to the caster. I know the process, from mold to casting to polishing. All of these steps can shrink your design and wear away details. Your prototype has to adjusted to allow for all of these steps so that the final product meets your expectations.

Even if you feel like you can't draw a picture of your idea, I can help. We can discuss your idea and I can create a sketch to use as a roadmap toward your wax model and finished castings.

And I can answer your questions about how lost wax casting works, and how it can help you create original jewelry designs.

The following are the typical steps in the process of creating a wax model with my service.

Start with your idea and some research. Browse my web site or call for more information. Sketch your idea for a tag, charm, etc. as best you can. Try to imagine how big you want the final size to be when it's cast. You can reduce your drawing or picture on a copier until it's the right size. Imagine your design as a piece of jewelry: draw some beads, or sketch a necklace or bracelet, etc. You can cut out your reduced copies and arrange them in a way that suggests how it will look when you're finished. Doing this can help you solve a lot of problems before you start investing in your castings.

Call or use my wax order inquiry form to contact me. The form will guide you through a few questions to describe your project. Email me with pictures of your sketches, photos or other artwork that will help me see your idea like you imagine it.

After I receive your information, I can look over your materials and contact you if I have any questions. Then I'll generate an estimate for your job based on those details. Typically, your quote is sent by email within 24-48 hours. If you like what you see, I require a deposit to start your job. The deposit is 50% of the estimate. I accept Visa, Mastercard, checks and PayPal.

If I'm creating a sketch for your project, I can email them to you for approval. Having a clear sketch or photo insures we are communicating clearly about what you want in your design. When the wax models are made, I send you pictures of them for your review. It's easier to make changes in the wax and this gives us a chance to refine the model before it's cast.

Once the models are approved, I cast them into metal prototypes, usually sterling silver. The model is polished and ready to ship. I can have the models delivered to you or the caster of your choice. Your models can be reproduced hundreds and thousands of times by the caster of your choice.

If you want to reproduce your designs, you will need to send your prototypes to a caster. If you don't already have a caster in mind, I have a list of casters you can browse and I'm happy to offer advice.