Beads and Yarn

Learn How to do Lost Wax Casting

I also teach metalsmithing classes, in the basics of sawing, soldering, stone setting, and lost wax casting, for example. If you prefer to try this on your own, you could attend some of my classes and I will help you learn how to carve wax and more.

I teach weekend workshops and retreats. Currently, I teach at Baubles and Beads in Berkeley and San Rafael, and at our studio in Berkeley, and around the country at festivals and other stores. Lost wax classes and retreats are usually taught in my studio so students can have access to the casting equipment.

If you don't see the class you're interested in or would like to ask a question, email me.

Learning how to produce wax models for effective and efficient production is more advanced than just knowing how to carve wax. Prototypes have to withstand the shrinkage of multiple molds and castings, as well as the loss of detail that can happen during mass finishing, and still produce a quality finished piece. If you would like to know more about how to adjust your models for production, I also offer private lessons.