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Large Disc Cutter

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Price: $63.45


Large cutter features five sizes ranging from 1/2" to 1". Cut perfect circles every time! The holes have been drilled, reamed and then honed to make the finest and cleanest cutter available. The punches are oil-quenched tool steel and drawn for hardness and durability. The bottom base is case-hardened and ground. Cuts metal up to 14 gauge. Total weight is 2 lbs. 12 oz and measures 3" x 23/4".

Note: this disk cutter has a opening that will accommodate up to 14 gauge metal and the two halves do not separate, but rather remain fixed in place. Care should be taken to keep the metal and punch steady while cutting to avoid marring your metal.

"Why cut circle with a saw when you can punch our perfect shapes with a disk cutter? If you need standard size disks, this little tool will save you time and effort.

Before you buy one of those cheap cutters from China, consider this: they are usually so poorly made that they rip and tear your disks, leaving frayed edges and... more work! Don't go cheap on a quality tool - these disk cutters have precision ground edges on the die and the punches for a clean cut.

Don't forget to get a heavy hammer too, like a ball peen hammer from the hardware store to hit the punch. And work on a cheap soft surface like an inexpensive mouse pad, to catch your disk and the punch.

Please note that his cutter has a fixed opening and so you're metal may move during cutting if it's not held firmly down with a punch. More expensive cutters often feature an adjustable opening that can help clamp the metal in place during cutting. "
- Joe Silvera, Metalsmithing Teacher

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