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Micro Motor - Hammer Handpiece Accessory

Micro Motor - Hammer Handpiece Accessory Photo

Price: $339.95


Use this accessory with the Micro Motor System sold separately.

Hammer handpieces are like mini jack hammers that can be used to hammer in stone settings like bezels, tube settings, etc. And they can create textured surfaces. Customize the exchangeable points for every job. With a micro motor, this is really wonderful because keeping the speed correct with a foot pedal can be difficult, and too much speed can damage a hammer handpiece or change your texture/stone setting. But you can fine tune the speed with the speed dial to just the right rpm for precision work.

Used for texturing, engraving, prong work, etc.

• Coiled cord with easy plug-in.

• Up to 5,000 strokes/min.

• Ergonomic grip to allow control of impact force.

• Includes: 1 anvil tip, wrench, tightening pin and motor brushes.

• Use with our Diamond Texture Tool for an effortless pavé style finish (sold separately)

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