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Lost Wax Casting 1 - Basics

Wednesdays, September 29, 2021 - October 20, 2021, 6:00PM - 9:00PM PT (Pacific Time)

Online Class

Cost: $295.00

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Lost wax casting is a great technique for making your own custom jewelry, or parts for a line, or to set your work apart - and have someone else do all the casting and polishing! You get finished pieces that are ready to use.


This course is available as an in-person workshop or live online class, and as a 4 week course or 2-3 day workshop. Please check this page for times and formats available.


With lost wax casting, you can carve or build-up wax to cast into rings, beads, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more. The process is quiet and home studio friendly. Wax lets you be creative with your designs in a way that is different from fabrication and soldering. It’s more fluid and sculptural. In later classes, you can learn how to save and reproduce your designs with molds, and how to create stone settings in your wax models.

Lost wax casting is a popular method for making jewelry in the industry, because it lets you reproduce your original designs. And a casting service can cast your work for you and deliver finished pieces, or you can set up a small casting setup and do it yourself.

Casting your pieces made during the workshop is included.

Lost Wax Casting 1 - Basics teaches the following:

• What is the lost wax casting process?
• Carving wax models

• Build up techniques for making wax models
• Modify and maintain wax carving picks and tools
• How to set up to make wax models at home

• Outsourcing your castings for reproduction
• Model requirements for reproduction

• The casting process: sprue, invest, casting (vacuum assisted and centrifugal)

• How you can set up your own casting equipment

• Polishing your castings

The main focus of this class is to learn how to make good wax models. Wax work is easy to set up in a home studio, and casting can be outsourced to a casting house.

Watch our video about the lost wax casting process. It shows centrifugal casting. In class you’ll also learn how to pour metal with a vacuum casting machine.

A kit of materials is included with this class.

Online students will have kits mailed to them. Kits for in-person students are delivered at the beginning of the first class. International students may be charged an additional amount for shipping, because of the increased cost to ship abroad. Also, shipments to other countries may incur a tariff payable by the student. International students are welcome to contact us re: these costs and options for their materials. 

Please review our COVID-19 guidelines for in-person students. 
For the health and safety our staff and students, students are required to show proof of vaccination and to wear masks when attending classes at our school. If you can’t meet these requirements, we invite you to take the online version of this class instead, if available. Please visit our COVID-19 Updates page for more information.

A full color handout is included with the class.
Create your own workbook with the beautiful handout that is downloadable for this workshop. Handouts include instructions for techniques and projects, reference charts and lots of information to support your learning.

Recordings of class.
If a class is online, or includes an online and in-person session, all students receive a link to a recording of the class demonstrations. In-person only workshops are not recorded.

Tools for Online Students
This is a list of tools online students need to practice the techniques shown in class. (in-person students have tools to use at school). Feel free to contact us with any questions.

A list of tools with links to recommended suppliers for the best prices will be sent to you after registration If you have questions about the tool list, please contact us.

*Abrasive wax tools (like files, sandpaper, etc.) must be new or never used with metal.
*Set of key files (small)

*Set of 6 needle files Swiss cut 2
Max wax pen or similar
Ring mandrel

Jewelers saw frame

Bench pin

Metric steel ruler (6”)

Tooth brush

Clear tape (like clear shipping tape)

Machinist square

A computer, phone or tablet to use the free Zoom app for class

Plastic finger gauges

Degree gauge 

Safety glasses

Dust pan and brush

Nail boards (320 and 600 grit)

About Our Interactive Online Classes

This class is online and uses the Zoom app/website. Through Zoom, you’ll be able to see demos and follow instructions, ask questions and interact with your instructor. Zoom is easy to use and free for students to use for class, and works on most devices, like phones (iPhone, Android, etc), tablets (iPads, etc), and computers (Mac or PC).

Your instructor is also available during free Zoom office hours for questions and help.

Online students work at home or in their studio. All of our recommended tools and the kit materials are chosen to be home studio friendly. Links to preferred vendors are provided in the supplies list sent after registration.

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This class is open to all levels. Beginners welcome!

Location: Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley, CA

Instructor: Joe Silvera

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Lost Wax Casting 1 - Basics

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