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Brushes, Large

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Buffs, Large

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Buffs, Small

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Cup Brushes

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Emery Sticks

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End Brushes

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Felt Wheels

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Satin Buffs

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Texturing Brushes

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Tumblers, Shot, Compounds

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3" Radials Photo

3" Radials


Radial disks polish all surfaces - and they're dust free and clean! Larger disks let you polish quickly and efficiently. More options available.

3" Radials - Assortment of 6 grits Photo

3" Radials - Assortment of 6 grits


Get a starter kit of 6 grits of 3" radials for use with polishing motors, like the bench top polisher - yellow, white, red, blue, peach and green. Hubs included!

3MM Radial Disc Hub-Pack of 2 Photo

3MM Radial Disc Hub-Pack of 2


Pair of hubs for using 3" radials with polishing motors.

Adalox Snap-on Mandrel 3/32 shank Photo

Adalox Snap-on Mandrel 3/32 shank


Snap-on mandrel for snap-on discs

Adalox Snap-on Sanding Discs Photo

Adalox Snap-on Sanding Discs


Adalox brass center snap-on sanding discs 7/8" box of 100

Bobbing Polishing Compound Photo

Bobbing Polishing Compound


Bobbing compound is an aggressive abrasive that will remove light scratches, fire stain or patina, and yet leaves the surface with a satin gloss finish.

Bristle Wheel Brush 2 Inch Photo

Bristle Wheel Brush 2 Inch


Use this bristle wheel with a polishing motor or bench lathe for fast, flexible polishing. Use with polishing compounds, like bobbing or rouge.

Diamond Pavé Texture Tool Photo

Diamond Pavé Texture Tool


Create exciting jewelry with an extra flair. Pavétron gives you the "Pavé" finish with minimum effort and no learning time required.

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