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Flush Cutters Photo

Flush Cutters

Lindstrom Pliers & Cutters Photo

Lindstrom Pliers & Cutters

Parallel Jaw Pliers Photo

Parallel Jaw Pliers

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Bracelet Bending Pliers - Nylon Jaw Photo

Bracelet Bending Pliers - Nylon Jaw


With a gentle arc for bracelets, the nylon jaws of this plier cannot scratch. Makes reshaping bracelets easy.

Bracelet Bending Pliers - Replacement Jaws Photo

Bracelet Bending Pliers - Replacement Jaws


Replacement nylon jaw set for bracelet bending pliers. The shapes can be filed to custom forms for your own bending needs.

Coil Cutting Pliers Photo

Coil Cutting Pliers


Make your own jump rings with ease! These clever pliers hold your jump rings as you cut them, leaving behind clean, straight joints for closing.

Compound Sprue Cutter Photo

Compound Sprue Cutter


This German-made cutter can take a big bite without marking or denting and is semi-flush so it leaves very little metal to remove.

Dimple Pliers Photo

Dimple Pliers


Make decorative shapes on soft metal or use to make scalloped edges. Let your imagination run wild!

Hard Wire Shear Cutters Photo

Hard Wire Shear Cutters


Our hard wire shear is the perfect cutter for hard wire of 0.50mm (24 gauge) or soft wire up to 2mm (12 gauge). Because of its shear type action this cutter will not nick or dull like ordinary cutters

Heavy Gauge Ring Bending Pliers Photo

Heavy Gauge Ring Bending Pliers


This practical flat stock and wire shaper features parallel jaws to bend heavy wire and flat stock up to six gauge. Pliers can be used for making small rings, bracelets and other circular objects.

Miland Anticlastic Pliers Photo

Miland Anticlastic Pliers


Perfect for making anticlastic (concave) bracelets, rings, and bangles.

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