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Bangle Bracelet Sizers Photo

Bangle Bracelet Sizers


Use these bracelet sizers to find your ideal size for a bangle.

Bracelet Gauge Photo

Bracelet Gauge


Heavy steel sizing gauge made of “German silver” to accurately size bracelets/ bangles. Adjustable band measures sizes from 5" to 9" in 1/4" increments.

Circle and Oval Templates Set Photo

Circle and Oval Templates Set


Two piece template set with circles and ovals

Digital Caliper Photo

Digital Caliper


Use this digital caliper to get exact measurements of stones, metal, burrs, etc - down to a clear .01mm. An essential jewelers tool for measuring ring blanks, stone setting, etc.

Dividers 3" Photo

Dividers 3"


Good quality, 3" economy divider. Easy-to-use with a quick-adjust setting nut.

Dividers 4" Photo

Dividers 4"


Good quality, economy versions of our standard dividers. Easy-to-use with a quick-adjust setting nut.

Finger Gauges - Wide band Photo

Finger Gauges - Wide band


Use wide band finger gauges to measure sizes for wide band rings. Wide rings fit differently on the finger, and typically run a half size larger than "normal" width rings.

German Brass Sliding Gauge Photo

German Brass Sliding Gauge


This 80mm German-made gauge in solid brass offers a combination of inches and millimeters.

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