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101 Bench Tips for Jewelers - Revere Photo

101 Bench Tips for Jewelers - Revere

This book will help any jeweler speed production, improve quality, and raise profits at the bench. It covers all aspects of bench work, from soldering to stone setting, piercing to final polish.

Advanced Beadwork - Poris Photo

Advanced Beadwork - Poris


A clearly written exploration of all major beading techniques, including metal work and soldering.

How to Thread a Bead Necklace Photo

How to Thread a Bead Necklace

From Griffin, producer of high-quality bead cord, this is one of the best instruction booklets on the market. It is filled with detailed illustrations and explanations. 32 pages.

Inventive Metal Clay for Beaders - Miech Photo

Inventive Metal Clay for Beaders - Miech


Learn to create your own silver jewelry components in this third book by Irina Miech, author of Metal Clay for Beaders and More Metal Clay for Beaders. Get step-by-step instruction in metal clay, plus

Jeweler's Resource - Knuth Photo

Jeweler's Resource - Knuth


This book has become a standard reference in the jewelry industry. It is a unique and practical tool for the bench jeweler and jewelry student as well as the most complete counter reference available

Keum Boo On Silver - Fago Photo

Keum Boo On Silver - Fago


This book covers all aspects of Keum-boo, an ancient Korean technique in which thin sheets of gold are fused to silver.

Lost Wax Casting - Sias Photo

Lost Wax Casting - Sias


This book is a basic introduction to lost-wax casting with emphasis on jewelry making. Designed to be used as a textbook and as a reference book, it is excellent for beginners as well as experienced c

Moods In Wire - Sinclair Photo

Moods In Wire - Sinclair


Get the best of both worlds in Ed Sinclair’s 2nd Edition of “Moods in Wire”. Offering a comprehensive combination of his first two books “Moods In Wire”is the standard for wire wrapping. A valuable gu

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