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Solder Boards and Blocks

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Ceramic Soldering Board 6"x6" Photo

Ceramic Soldering Board 6"x6"


Ceramic soldering boards withstand temperature up to 2000F Measures 6"x6"x 1/2"

Charcoal Block - Hard Photo

Charcoal Block - Hard


Hard Charcoal Block durable soldering surface

Charcoal Block - Soft Photo

Charcoal Block - Soft


This soft charcoal block helps create a clean, reducing atmosphere during soldering.

Fire Brick Photo

Fire Brick


Lightweight, soft insulating Fire Bricks are great for soldering and enameling.

Heetrix Soldering Bench Mount Photo

Heetrix Soldering Bench Mount


The Heetrix, designed by a jeweler, mounts on top of the bench and the soldering platform swings out of the way when not in use. It also rotates for convenience.

Honeycomb Block Photo

Honeycomb Block


Honey comb design hold pins to keep work in place while soldering. Made of non-asbestos ceramic, the board is very lightweight and reflects heat.

Magnesia Block Photo

Magnesia Block


A soft block for soldering. Use it with pins to hold your pieces in place.

Rotating Soldering Platform Photo

Rotating Soldering Platform

Starts at $14.95

Rotate your soldering 360 on a smooth base for easy access to your work from any angle.

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