Lost Wax Wax Carving Kit



This kit  is recommended for getting started with wax work for casting.

This is not the kit for the Lost Wax Casting 1 - Basics (online) class. Click here for that kit. 

The kit includes a recommended style of electric pen, and assorted files for wax working.

This kit does not include a wax pen. Joe recommends the following pens from least expensive to most, as demonstrated in class: SuperMax Wax Pen, ARBE wax pen, Foredom Wax Carver

This kit doesn't include a saw frame or bench pin, which you can share between wax work and your fabrication work. 

Kit includes:

  • Wax Sizing Reaming Mandrel
  • Alcohol lamp
  • Deluxe 10pc Carver Set with Box
  • File a Wax Carving Wax Assortment 1lb Dark Green
  • Set of 6 Swiss Cut 2 Needle Files
  • Degree Gauge
  • 2" Steel Machinist Square
  • Key Files Set**
  • Double ended wax file
  • Spiral Saw Blades 2/0 one gross**
  • Freemans Ruby Red Injection Wax Flakes 1lb
  • File Cleaning Card
  • Gram/dwt Scale
  • Wax Bur Set in Wood Stand Medium 12pc
  • Dividers

The Key Files Set and Spiral Saw Blades 2/0 are temporarily out of stock. The current price of the kit reflects the total without these items.

With the exception of the saw frame, all of your tools for wax work should be clean and new. Never share the same set of tools with your metalwork, wood work or metal clay, since the metal filings, etc. will contaminate your wax models and castings

This kit is available online only.