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Setting Techniques for Enamels

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Cost: $525.00

Making enamel pieces, firing glass on metal into beautiful designs is fun and just the first part. How do you wear them as jewelry or mount them for viewing? This workshop explores solutions for setting and displaying your designs, and is a great follow up class for enameling students.

Anat will work with each student to design and fabricate the best setting or mounting for their piece. These settings will go beyond bezels, to include prongs, tabs, riveted and more styles of fun and innovative captures. As the instructor and students work together on custom settings, all of the students will be able to benefit by observing all the creative mountings created during the class.  

Although this class is designed for setting enamels, the techniques shown are great for other kinds of objects, including stones, cabochons, and found objects.

Techniques taught:
• Tab settings
• Prong settings
• Trapped and riveted setting
• Shadow box style settings
• Alternative mountings, like stitching
• Mounting techniques for wall pieces

Kit of materials and use of tools included with the class. Each student has a bench with a set of tools and equipment to use during class.


Class policies for refunds, transfers and cancelations.


Students must have basic jewelry fabrication skills, like sawing, filing, soldering, polishing, etc. Like successful completion of Basic Jewelry 1 or Basic Jewelry 1 & 2. Also, since this class is focused on setting enamels, students should have basic enameling skills and have completed pieces to set. Alternatively, students can set similar size and shape objects, like stones or cabochons, instead of enamels. 

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