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Bench Tools

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Lindstrom Shears Photo

Lindstrom Shears


Use these comfortable shears to cut precisely through sheet metal.

Miter Cutting Vise Photo

Miter Cutting Vise


Want to file or saw perfectly flat 90° or 45° angles on your wire, tube or sheet? The miter cutting vise is your solution!

Pro Shear Photo

Pro Shear


ProShear has comfort grip, easy grab handles. These blades are long and sharp - great shears!

Relentless Sawblade 3/0 Photo

Relentless Sawblade 3/0


Relentless saw blades manufactured in Switzerland from the highest quality steel. Sold per gross (144 saw blades)

Sand Bag Photo

Sand Bag


Great for stamping, chasing and forming these 6" Square Leather Sandbags can be used with or without a bench block.

Saw Blades Photo

Saw Blades


Saw blades for the jewelers saw frame. For gauges 18 - 22. Good detail and easier to turn while working than coarser blades.

Saw Blades Relentless Photo

Saw Blades Relentless


Our Relentless® blades are manufactured in Switzerland from the highest quality steel on the most modern equipment. The result is a blade with flexibility and an unexcelled edge for cutting gold, silv

Scraper - Hollow Photo

Scraper - Hollow


Scrapers are used for smoothing, cleaning, and deburring plastics and metals. This one is a good size for general scraping and a must have for any tool kit.

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